23rd June 2018 


1. Maximum of 3 rods per person.

2. NO dog or cat food allowed and NO particle baits allowed unless purchased from Wills Lake. Trout and Carp pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread are allowed and Pedigree Chum Mixer can be used for floating.

3. No litter – please do not throw bottles or cigarette butts into the lake.

4. Rods should NEVER be left unattended.

5. Barbless hooks ONLY.

6. Bait Boats only are permitted but are not really required as it is possible to cast to all parts of the lake.

7. NO fixed leads of any sort.

8. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line for carp/cats – braid as main line is NOT allowed.

9. No Keepnets.

10. Unhooking mats to be used at ALL times – 2 are provided at Wills Lake

11. No fires or barbeques near or beside the lake.

12. NO swimming.

13. Removal or introduction of fish is strictly prohibited.

14. NO sacking.

15. Minimum size landing net 42” and knotless – please dip ALL nets/weighing slings in sterilising tank before use.

16. No bent hooks of any kind allowed.

17. NO spinning allowed.

18. Respect the wildlife – wildlife has a total priority around the lake.

19. Do not damage any vegetation – look after the trees and plants.

20. Please use only good quality baits – we reserve the right of refusal to allow inferior quality boilies being used on our lake.

21. No permits are required and night fishing is permitted.

22. A maximum of 4 anglers allowed to fish – unless PRIOR approval has been obtained. We deem the party leader (whoever submitted the reservation form) to be responsible for their party. Any breaking or bending of these rules will lead to the instant termination of the whole group’s booking without recompense, which includes the loss of the Security Deposit.

23. The management reserves the right to amend these rules or add new rules at any time.


Unfortunately, we have found that some guests are breaking the rules and are using BARBED hooks and/or BOLT RIGS.

Our Caretaker/Bailiff will make spot checks during your stay on your rods and if any of your party are found to be using BARBED hooks and/or BOLT RIGS of any kind then your Security Deposit will be forfeited.

Also, if any of your party is found to be using BARBED hooks and/or BOLT RIGS on a second occasion then you will be asked to leave the site immediately without any refund of monies paid.

The care and well being of our fish is paramount and we would like to thank all our guests who respect our rules and look after our fish.

Unfortunately, it is just the odd groups who feel they can ignore the rules and these are not the kind of anglers we want at Wills Lake France.