23rd April 2018 


Tovey Party - "Just came back Sat 24th June 2017. The place was amazing. We went as a family of 3 1/2 (the missus pregnant) me and my lad who is 12. The villa is lovely and spacious and nice and clean with everything you could have a need for from watching sky tv to sitting upstairs in front of the fan reading a good book and the games room was a god send to break the heat of the day up mid afternoon as it was 36 degrees everyday. The grounds were well maintained with ground keepers visiting us twice they were lovely people who advised that they actually sell maggots at the intermache which we used on a float rod to keep the other 2 entertained whilst waiting for the real fish to bite. They caught hundreds of roach little carp and cat on them. The pool was nice and refreshing to go in during the afternoon also. We used this almost everyday. Most importantly the lake. We fished from 05.30am till 09.00am and from 20.00pm to midnight and we averaged 3 fish out of each session everyday (So 6 in total) with a few lost and a couple snapping me over the duration must of been the monster cats. I'm almost sure though we could of doubled these figures had we fished through the days and nights. I did purchase a bait boat to take but used this only once as I found the rods that were getting the best runs were placed smack bang in the middle of the lake. These performed better than the ones in the margins and by the reeds on the far side. All in all a great holiday and we will hopefully be returning as 4 next year as long as I get the ok from her in doors which I can't see any objections coming as we all loved the place."